Sunday, 12 September 2010


So, who's ready for the new school year? Certainly, the students for one thing! They are more than eager to wake up tomorrow morning at 07:00 and walk slowly and mostly leisurely towards to their respective school facilities.

Why is that? Not beacuse they are thirsty once more to learn new exciting thingies-oh my goodness, we (teachers) should find new lines for advertising our "products"- not because it's too boring sitting around the house all day, a whole country filled with a new generation of fresh couch potatoes, watching Spongebob in the mornings and CSI Miami in the evenings, but because they would have the chance to meet with their classmates again and exchange information about the past few months...

New schoolbags, new clothes, new pairs of shoes, the route to school appears to be not an ordinary suburbs road where I live, but a runway in the NY fashion week! New haircuts and new trends in jewellery as well! Michael Kors, I dare you and double-dare you to compete with tomorrow's fashion show!

Happy New School Year!!!!

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