Sunday, 19 December 2010

Report cards day

I should admit they are not some of my favourite days of the year; report card days that is.
Yesterday was one of those days. You absolutely don't know how things are going to go or what exactly you're going to be called to talk about, solve or justify yourself or your students. My own personal opinion is that there are not really excuses for a teacher. Either you're doing your job or you're not. If the student is weak or just plain lazy, it's a teacher's duty to "make it all go way".
Nontheless, we teachers, are not miracle workers, magically transplanting knowledge into our students' brains; the "patients" have to cooperate and give their consent on operating on them!
There is smiling and frowing; eyebrow raising in pleasant or unpleasant surprise; joy and frustration; students who did their best and they're proud; parents who are not ready to listen to some unfortunate facts about their offsprings, such as skipping school and no one, neither parents nor students were anywhere to be found at that precise day...
In fact, when I think about report card day, it was a day to reflect upon your actions, assess your own work, and finally accept all critisism, even though you don't like a few comments about yourself... Practice what you teach your students: always strive to be a better person.

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