Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Exchange project, a.k.a. fun project!

It's been a great spring semester! The collaboration of the students of our school with the students of the English509/501-Prepa1 in Mexico City has been absolutely marvelous and so much fun!

However, I must give credit to my colleague Elena Delgado . This brilliant teacher from Mexico City is the one to thank for her inspiration and the ideas concerning this project! If it hadn't been for her, this semester wouldn't have been so exciting for my intermediate level students.

New and inexperienced in blogging, I wouldn't get through this project if it wasn't for Elena. Her guidance and ideas offered me a valuable lesson in teaching. Her excitement, enthousiasm and patience are traits and virtues to follow.

Thank you so much Elena for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to grow and learn as a teacher.

Until next time...
With all our love from Greece.

Please take a look at our project:


Elena said...

Thanks a lot for your comments. I also admire your commitment to get things done.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your exchange project, reaching out to almost the other side of the world

Maria Kazakou said...

Thanks for dropping by David, it was definitely something different and exciting (for a change!)