Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween once more!


My kitchen table is full of photocopies, old and new material for the classes and new crafts ready to be created! 

 Many of my colleagues feel very hesitant towards even talking about this kind of holiday, but once you start, you never stop! There are so many ideas that teachers around the world are willing to share-and we are very grateful for it!- so there is no excuse!!!

A special thanks to all the pinners at Pinterest, a huge source of interesting and useful sites for teachers -and not only!

My Halloween Board on Pinterest 
The little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything
Wicked tips/crafts
Making Ghosts
Hanging bats
Looking for Dracula (so fun to perform it in the classroom)
31 days of Halloween 
Scary stories to tell in the dark (an absolute must! The kids love it!)
Halloween with Friends  and the worksheet from Busyteacher
Busyteacher Halloween worksheets
Corpse Bride 1 
Corpse Bride 2
Corpse Bride 3
List of Halloween movies for teens
Top 9 Halloween Movies for School-Aged Kids
The Village worksheet
Nightmare before Christmas worksheet 1
Nightmare before Christmas worksheet 2
Ghostbusters scene 1 - Great for practicing Conditionals (What would you do if you saw a ghost in the library?)
Ghostbusters: Venkman gets Slimed
King of the pumpkins 

DIY Angry birds masks 
Bugs Bunny Halloween
Twilight Zone worksheet 1
The Twilight Zone Companion Lesson Plans for Teachers
Halloween Songs for Kids
Halloween songs
Spooky Spooky - Halloween Song

Halloween Worksheets

Halloween Printable Worksheets

Halloween Worksheets and Printables

Halloween exercises and worksheets

Printable Halloween Worksheets for Kids

                                Have a great Halloween!

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