Thursday, 27 May 2010

Θέματα προφορικών ECCE May-June 2010

Έπειτα από κάποιες εβδομάδες εξέτασης, κάποια θέματα που εξετάστηκαν ήταν τα εξής:
- What do you think about the financial crisis in your country?
(Και όμως, το ρώτησαν! Δεν απαιτήθηκε καμία πολύπλοκη απάντηση)

- What is your favourite subject? Why? Does a teacher and his/her method play an important role in the learning process?

- What kind of job would you choose and why?

- Why are you learning English? How long have you been learning English? Do you think it's going to be important for a future career?

(Tα περισσότερα "παιδάκια" που άκουσα, απάντησαν "γιατί με έστειλε η μαμά μου και γιατί πήγαιναν όλοι οι φίλοι μου!" Προσωπικά, το βρίσκω απολύτως λογικό, αλλά καλό είναι να συζητούνται κάποια πράγματα στην τάξη...)

- If you had the chance, would you live in another country? Which one and why? Why not?

- Describe your dream wedding! (σε μεγαλύτερη ηλικίας άτομο)

- Are you going on holidays? If so, where are you going? How are you going to spend your time?

- Private/public schools. Differences?

- Should a student stay at home all summer, studying Maths, or go to a summer camp, even though she might fail the Maths exam in September?...

- What's the best way to learn History? Would you like to watch documentaries and other films (even if they're in black and white) in the classroom? Do you think it would help you learn better?

- Imagine a film is going to be shot in your city. Should it be about the public figures and the politicians of your city or the citizens?

- Why people find History boring?

- If you had the chance to talk to a famous historical person, who would it be and what would you ask him?

And on that note....

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