Wednesday, 14 December 2011

You'd better watch out!


You'd better watch out!

Christmas is around the corner and although its spirit is not so alive in my country, children seem not to matter at all and decided to celebrate it simply and magically, because they're the only ones they know how to celebrate it as such...
Little did I know that my students would remind me this year of a valuable lesson I try to follow in my life, the one of simplicity. Leading a simple life, cherish what you have, and particularly who you have in your life, count your blessings, even when there aren't enough money for "expensive, fancy or trendy" presents-and at times, not even for "classic" Christmas presents-and feel like a king or a queen because you finally started to appreciate and evaluate your life's elements and components.

Like every year, my students and I decided to celebrate Christmas simply and magically, by colouring festive images, watching videos, learning and singing Christmas carols, by performing a Christmas play and especially by learning or remembering old values. Children in Greece are growing up fast nowadays, but fortunately they incorporate that "early dose of wisdom" into their innocence.

My wish for next year is all the best for everyone: health and happiness, with a more optimistic approach of life. There aren't many things left. Let's try to keep our integrity, sense of pride and honesty and help each other the best way and whenever we can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here in Greece!


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