Monday, 24 January 2011

Dark age

Is it laziness? Is it indifference? What makes a teacher to use the same coursebook for at least four years, or even more?

There are many teachers amongst us here in Greece who feel an utter and complete disappointment on many levels: financial, phycological and moral. They feel unappreciated. They don't want to work any more. Even if they do, they just enter their classroom, or if they are private tutors, thei student's room, they simply explain the day's vocabulary, grammar or anything else they consider necessary to be explained, assign next time's homework and that's it. How about an additional activity? What about a little game? How about talking about the students themselves and ask them how they really are and feel. What do they need?

It's been quite a while since I stumbled on a teacher who really deserves that title. I have "met" a lot of them on line; however, where did all the others go? Are they in the classrooms? I think they are rare, they are "endangered species" in face of extinction...

I feel sad.

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